Fix Bad Pool Header error - Fix Bad Pool Header error

Bad Pool Header error

Resolve BSOD Bad Pool Header error to secure your PCfix bad pool header errors

2 Step Fix Blue Screen Error

1.Download Registry Repair

2.Download Latest Drivers


fix bad pool header errors



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fix bad pool header errors

fix bad pool header errors

Windows system users quite frequently receive blue screen error; in situations like this the system restarts ever again without user consent. All windows users are most likely to face this issue once or more, in which the blue/black screen stops by the screen & post this no task could be carried over. Though the frequency of such instances has decreased over time, it has not been sorted out completely. One being the ‘ bad pool header' error, which is an OS error that may be received due to number of issues with the system that ultimately hampers its ability to process data & files required for the OS to load & get important system tasks done out rightly.

The very blue screen when occurs leads to abrupt termination of the system & is some of the acute problematic situations system will not even boot & the error cause is shown in the error message displayed.

The problem with Bad pool caller error may vary from some of the most complex fix to easiest as simple reboot of system. But, if the same error takes place recurrently simply rebooting to get the system back to work in not the ideal solution to get rid of it, instead its cause need to be made out & its subsequent fix implemented for the same.

Causes of Bad pool header BSOD error message include

  • Problems with drivers, it being either corrupt, damaged or inaccessible
  • Hardware or software related issue
  • Registry database corruption, presence of invalid & junk entries in registry
  • Spyware & such other malicious infection

When the error message is thrown resulting from any of these causes the system would fail to carry its task out, in some cases it would fail to load. If the system somehow manages to get started after this, consistent issues will be observed, particularly lost system reliability & gradual degradation in its performance.


How to fix bad pool header, blue screen of death error?

To resolve system issues, follow the steps as described –

  1. First would checking the system drivers as to whether or not they are working properly, this does involve checking for driver compatibility & availability of the latest one. If the drivers aren't updated boot up troubles may be received & to fix it updates for the same need to be installed. You can download driver update software to get this task done on smoothly & quickly as well.
  2. Followed by this, if the error is not resolved windows registry need to be repaired. To accomplish this task it is always better to download registry repair software , install & use the same for finding inconsistency regarding entries in registry & get the same repaired or removed. It repairs the registry entries which are corrupt or damaged and removes the invalid & junk entries out from there quite easily.

Further, if the issue continues to occur, it is essentially required to scan the system for spyware & such infectious components which many a times are cause behind unbootable windows system, as they not only damage the OS components badly, but also restricts its execution in one or other way & this is reported as fatal error messages while starting system. So, download anti-spyware software to get your system scanned thoroughly & the found threats & other unwanted components removed thereof.

So, it's now all easy for you to fix bad pool header, blue screen error. Just install & use the programs as recommended & in moments the issue would be fixed.


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fix BSOD bad pool header error


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To resolve above related bad pool header, you can :

  1. Download Registry Repair
  2. Download Latest Drivers


If we managed to fix your error, please let us know by adding your comments below.

Stephensays 6 days ago
Thanks for all this info & especially for the most advanced spyware removal tool. Till now I did not even know that the BSOD error could result from the spyware infection, after I came to knew this & used the program my problem got solved. Thanks again
Petersonsays 3 days ago
Since past few days, it had become quite annoying for me to carry any sort of work on my PC; it was slow like anything & used to close unexpectedly due to the ever again occurring bad pool header error. At last after I updated my system drivers with the driver update tool downloaded from here, the error was fixed. It was all wonderful using it.
Jay says 2 days ago
It was quite amazing for me the way the spyware removal utility scanned the system to find the existent infection & threat & eliminate those off from the system completely. After that I restarted the system & it worked as it worked when new & the bad pool header error message or other annoying issues was no where seen. Thank u very much for the help.
Linasays yesterday
Your registry repair software is indeed one in all of its type. I tried to fix BSOD error from my system using different tools but nothing helped. The constantly occurring error was no way good still I had no means to get out of it until I came across the site & came to knew of the powerful registry repair tool, which was able to solve my trouble in minutes.


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