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Fix Blue Screen Error

How To Recover Deleted Videos On GoPro 5? Fix Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error

2 Step Fix Blue Screen Error

1.Download driver software update

2.Download Registry Repair Tool


Fix Blue Screen Error



  1. Uninstall MPC Cleaner

  2. Fix Blue Screen Error

  3. BSOD Bad Pool Header Error

  4. Fix Windows 7 Black Screen on Boot

  5. Fix Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error

  6. Protect Your PC Against Viscous Attack Of Ransomware

  7. To Recover Deleted Videos On GoPro 5

Fix Blue Screen Error

If you have landed to this page then it means you are searching for how to recover deleted videos on GoPro 5 solution. GoPro 5 is the most awaited action camera that has become first choice of people to record their outdoor activities. It is the perfect camera to take perfect shot of your underwater movement or aerial moves which is not possible before. It is equipped with all those superior features which an action camera need. But unfortunately there are time when your favorite video get deleted or become disappear due to different reasons. So what if you also lose your favorite videos from GoPro 5? Is it possible to recover them?

Yes, it is possible to get back your deleted videos from GoPro 5 and this article will give you the solution. Like any other camera, GoPro also use to save all its videos and pictures on external SD card. Similar to any other storage media SD card are also prone to data loss and it is possible that your important videos get deleted or become inaccessible. Let's assume a scenario where you have some unwanted files on your GoPro camera. While removing some unwanted file you accidentally removes some important files too. This is not a single scenario, there are several more instance which make you search for how to recover deleted videos on GoPro 5.

Common Reasons Behind Deletion Of Videos From GoPro 5
How To Recover Deleted Videos On GoPro 5?
Best Software To Retrieve Deleted Or Lost GoPro 5 Videos

Common Reasons Behind Deletion Of Videos From GoPro 5

Data loss always hurt and there are number of ways through which your videos can become inaccessible. Below are some common reason which also help you to be careful in future to avoid data loss on your GoPro 5.

  • Unintentional deletion : Deleting important videos mistakenly while trying to remove some unwanted file to free up space from GoPro 5 SD card.
  • SD card corruption : You can not access your videos if your SD card get corrupted. SD card get corrupted because of malware attack and file system damage.
  • Interrupted process : If the process of video transferring from memory card to system get interrupted your video can get lost.
  • Human mistake : Improper handling of memory card or using the same memory card in different gadget can also result in deletion of videos.
  • Improper ejection : Ejecting the memory card from camera without turning it off or while transfer process is in progress also lead to deletion of videos.
  • Other reasons : Reasons like formatting memory card, software confliction, formation of bad sector on memory card etc can also wipe out your memorable videos.

Points to remember:

     "Avoid transferring videos from GoPro 5 camera when it is running out of battery."
      "Backup your important videos on different storage devices to prevent data loss."
      "Immediately stop using your GoPro 5 camera when video get erased from it."

Top Rated Software To Recover Deleted Videos On GoPro 5

Software  Ratings Size Download
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Very Good 12.1 MB
EaseUS Photo Recovery Software Good 6.60 MB
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Excellent 6.87 MB

How To Recover Deleted Videos On GoPro 5?

The above mentioned scenarios frequently happen with many user which make them lost their crucial videos from GoPro 5 camera. But being anxious is not the solution because it will make the things complex and decrease chances of recovery. If you have created a backup of your videos to some other storage device then it can be solution for your question how to recover deleted videos on GoPro 5. You can also check your recycle bin or trash to find deleted videos. If no option is available then you have only one option that is make use of a proper photo recovery software.

Best Software To Retrieve Deleted Or Lost GoPro 5 Videos

No matter how your video get deleted or become inaccessible, using a proper photo recovery software you can get them back again. However there are number of recovery software available which claim to be the best software which is not true. But you don't have to confuse because here you will get the best recovery software which help you to recover your deleted, lost or formatted videos easily from your GoPro camera. So have a look on them and start your video recovery now.

For More Info Visit :-

1.) Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is one of the best solution if you are searching for how to recover deleted videos on GoPro 5. It is an outstanding software which easily recover your favorite videos which you miss from GoPro 5 camera. It always hurt when you lose your valuable videos or pictures but now don't worry because this software will get back all your videos. No matter whether you lost your videos due to deletion, formatted or corruption of memory card, the software will easily retrieve those videos and let you access them once again. Its advance scanning algorithm will quickly scan your storage device and retrieve each file safely. Because of its read only features it doesn't make any modification in he recovered data.

Promising Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Effectively recovers deleted or lost videos from GoPro 5
  • Supports recovery of different video format such as MP4, AVI, MOV etc.
  • Fast scanning process and safely recovers all deleted multimedia
  • Provide preview of recovered data which also save your time
  • Compatible with all latest version of Mac and Windows OS

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fast recovery process No cons found yet!
Supports different storage device  
Pause and resume recovery option  

User's Review

"As a photographer, one of the most worst feeling is when you realize that your pictures get deleted accidentally. I also have faced this situation few days back and I don't have any option to recover those pictures. But got this software and believe me it really helps me to get back all those pictures."- John streaks

"Amazing software, nice work!! I accidentally formatted my memory card which store lots of pictures and videos. I don't have backup so that I restore those files again. Someone suggest me this software and I want to say it has done an outstanding job by recovering data from formatted memory card."- Allen Root


2.) EaseUS Photo Recovery Software


EaseUS Photo Recovery Software is another capable program which recover deleted videos from GoPro 5 camera. Disaster always come without warning and you can lose your important data at anytime. But with this software you don't have to worry about your data because it will recover all your deleted or lost videos easily. With its latest recovery feature it can handle almost all the data loss situation and help you retrieve your data. Instead of videos it also recover different format of pictures too. Apart from memory card it can also recover your GoPro videos which you saved on other storage device. So if you are also looking for a recovery software then it can be a option for you.

Key Features Of EaseUS Photo Recovery Software

  • Safely recovers deleted videos from GoPro 5 camera
  • Equipped with latest scanning and recovery features
  • Does recovery from corrupted or formatted memory card
  • Provide option to do selective recovery which consume less time
  • Supports recovery on different storage media and camera

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Superior recovery features Take time to scan large device
Supports different video format Become sluggish with big files
Provide preview of recovered data Consume more space on hard disk

User's Review

"Last night I delete some unwanted files from my PC to free up some space. I also empty the recycle bin. Later I recognize that I also delete some important pictures and videos. I was really upset because I don't have any option to recover the files because trash was also empty. But this software help me to recover files."- Laurence

"My friend borrow camera from me to click pictures of his brother wedding. But he continue taking pictures even the camera was display battery low warning. This result in deletion of saved pictures. But thanks to this amazing software which get all those pictures back. Easy to use and just amazing."- Brian Ashely


3.) MiniTool Power Data Recovery


MiniTool Power Data Recovery is another relevant software which allow users to retrieve deleted videos from GoPro 5 camera. Data loss can happen anytime and the situation become worst when there is no backup. But no need to be sad because this software is here to rescue all your deleted, lost, corrupted or formatted action packed videos. Because of its latest scanning algorithm the software properly scan your drive and recover deleted data. Not only this it also allow user to select only those files which they need more. You just have to follow three step to recover your data, select a recovery module, select your device and preview to save your lost data.

Key Features Of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Effectively recovers deleted videos from GoPro 5 camera
  • Comes with five different recovery module which make it more effective
  • Allow users to do data recovery in just three easy steps
  • Compatible with almost all the video file format
  • Easy user interface and supports both Windows and Mac operating system

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Simple recovery process Not support some specific format
Quickly scans the device Need more RAM to run well
Compatible with most OS Require extra space on hard disk

User's Review

"Easy to use and effective recovery software. Unfortunately I also suffer from data loss when I accidentally format my pen drive. It has lots of important data which seems to be inaccessible. But got this software at right time which allow me to rescue those data and access them again."- Pane Kevin

"I had accidentally lost my JPEG images from my GoPro camera and I was desperate to recover them. Then a friend of mine suggested me to use this software and it was just amazing experience. It did the miracle for me by recovering all the lost images."- Charles Jacob


4.) Recuva Photo Recovery Software


Recuva Photo Recovery Software is another solution for recovery of deleted GoPro 5 videos. It is a free software which is capable of recovering deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted or damaged GoPro videos. Data loss can anytime without any warning but if you have this software then you don't have to worry anymore. Sometime your favorite videos get deleted accidentally or they become inaccessible due to corruption or other reason. But this software has the capability to deal with all the data loss situation and recover your crucial videos. It comes with an easy to use interface and supports almost all the latest Windows operating system. Therefore if you are looking for deleted GoPro video recovery then you can go with this software.

Key Features Of Recuva Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover videos easily from different data loss situation
  • Supports recovery of all videos as well as image file format
  • Provide option to take a look at recovered data prior the recovery
  • Simple UI and can easily be used even by a non-technical user
  • Compatible with almost all the Windows operating system

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Supports different SD card Not supports some format
Safely recover deleted data Runs only on Windows
Attractive user interface Become slow sometime

User's Review

"If you have ever faced data loss then you must know that it gives headache. Last night I also get stuck in the same situation where I accidentally delete some videos. The problem is there was no backup available. But finally got this software which allow me to access those videos again."- Paul Latham

"I was making a project last night and for that I have collected lots of images and videos from Internet. But suddenly my system shutdown due to unknown reason after which all the multimedia files become inaccessible. But fortunately I have this software which not only rescue the data but also saved my job."- Ian Bronx

Download Recuva Photo Recovery Software


It is hoped that you carefully read about all the mentioned software. All softwares are capable of recovering deleted videos and photos. But if you want to select anyone then it is recommended to go with Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. The reason behind recommending this software is because it is different from all software and contains every features which a proper recovery software must have. While testing all the software we found that some where good in recovering photos and some were good in video recovery. But this software recovers both the pictures as well as videos with the same efficiency.

In addition there are some other unique features too in this software which make it best from other. While recovering your data it doesn't make any modification in the original content and provide complete security of your data. So if you are really keen to know what is a perfect recovery software then must go with Stellar Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.

User Guide For Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

For Windows

  • Download and start software. Then click ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option.
  • Choose your desired hard drive or external storage media.
  • Specific format can also be selected from Advanced Settings. Click on Scan now button.
  • Here it will will display the progress report of scanning process.
  • You can see all the recovered data, select a location to restore them.

For Mac

  • Download and launch software for Mac and click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option.
  • Your drive and attached media will be displayed here. Select your drive and click on Scan now.
  • Software will now start scanning your device. Progress report can be seen.
  • All the files will be listed after scanning. Select a location to restore them.


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