Fix Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error - Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error Fix

Fix Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error

Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error on Windows Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error

2 Step Fix Blue Screen Error

1.Download driver software update

2.Download Registry Repair Tool


Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error



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Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error

Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error

NTFS i.e. New Technology File System is the advanced form of FAT file system used on Windows system. Features such as journaling, improved data accessibility & performance have made it ever powerful. The file system comprises of number of files & objects and among those is the ntfs.sys & is the most useful component and essential for OS to load & function accordingly.

Missing or corrupt ntfs.sys file results in generation of ntfs.sys blue screen error. Windows system encounters this very problem, if the system used NTFS driver has been damaged by other OS components due to overwriting. NTFS driver passes instructions to the OS to scan, read & write data from hard drive & is a must for the system to work. So, to fix ntfs.sys blue screen error windows recovery console is used at times.

What causes ntfs.sys blue screen error?

  • Corrupt, damaged or missing ntfs.sys file
  • Damaged or incompatible device drivers
  • Hardware issues & error like damaged video card, hard drive or RAM
  • Corruption of registry database & entries or the entries contained within are invalid & junk
  • Malfunction OS & its components
  • Spyware infection in system

Along with ntfs sys blue screen error, one may get across number of other windows error codes due to improperly working ntfs file & that causes obstruction in usual system boot up process.


How to fix ntfs.sys blue screen error?

The most used way to get rid of blue screen error due to ntfs.sys file is using recovery console & replacing that very file with the help of new copy of the same. This involves certain steps & use of command pertaining to that very purpose. Although the steps are simple to be followed, one may not be able to do the same if they aren't technically skilled. More obviously the process is considered risky and a single mistake can make situations difficult for you instead of resolving the errors observed.

In addition to that, in some cases the problem may be such that even after the above steps have been implemented, issues keep on taking place. These need to be resolved with the help of advanced & equipped tool. In order to proceed with fixing the issue one is required to make sure what is causing the very issue, thereafter according solution could be opted.


  1. Corrupt, outdated and incompatible drivers are many a time responsible for error in Windows system and that need to be updated before the system could function properly. Update the system used drivers, to get this done you need to download driver update software . This would scan the system to find the obsolete & incompatible driver & get those updated in most advanced manner.
  2. Registry comprises of all application settings used in the system, so it need to be in its proper state such that the information could be processed by it as required in order to allow system work smoothly. As a normal process number of entries get collected in the registry database some of which are unused or unwanted, junk etc & therefore create problems with safe system functioning, in particular degraded system speed. So, you need to make use of advanced registry repair tool to repair error in registry & remove all junk & invalid entries out from it. Download registry repair software to fix registry errors now.

If these does not help in solving your problem, spyware & like infection seems to be the most obvious cause for error in system, such as the BSOD errors & other fatal error that render system functionality useless. One is therefore suggested to make use of advanced tool to remove spyware & associated infection from the system completely & permanently. So, download anti-spyware software & scan the system to remove threats & infection easily & quickly.

One is therefore required to make use of easy to use, efficient tools in order to overcome the observed erroneous issue.

Technician assistance to fix ntfs.sys blue screen error

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Fix ntfs.sys blue screen error

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For fixing these errors you need an efficient application as download registry repair tool. For fixing, the driver issues go for download driver software.


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Michaelsays 4 days ago
My system has been continuously giving ntfs.sys blue screen error, I wasn’t able to follow the steps of windows recovery console to resolve it. After using this registry repair tool the error was solved in instance. Nice software, works really well.
Stephen says 3 days ago
I want to thank you all for the help. The technicians were really supportive & they helped me carry the steps to resolve the issue and following that all problems of my system was sorted out. It now works as it used to when new.
Jem says 2 days ago
Nice information, no where could I found the cause for recurrently occurring ntfs.sys blue screen error messages on my Windows XP system. Finally, upon going through the site I came to knew what was causing the issue & how do I fix it, off very easily & within minutes using the driver update software.
Rezzy says yesterday
It was all not actually easy for me to solve the PC problem of blue screen at startup, but your registry repair tool made the way easy for me. Just after installing the application, I launched it and it all the registry issues was reported and I thereafter managed to clean all those. Many thanks for the help.


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