Fix Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error - Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error Fix

Fix Blue Screen Error

Protect Your PC Against Viscous Attack Of Ransomware

2 Step Fix Blue Screen Error

1.Download driver software update

2.Download Registry Repair Tool


Fix Blue Screen Error



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Fix Blue Screen Error

Remove computer virus easily

Recently, news has being circulated around the world that ransomware is causing tremendous damages on to the user's PC. As this ransomware threats is very much dangerous and is capable to affect all versions of Windows opearting system.However, it was first revealed around the world as a part of massive dump of software vulnerabilites.Among the variants of computer virus, Ransomware is counted as the biggest threats to computer system. Ransomware not only downgrade your PC performance but also takes your computer files and then ask you for huge amount of ransom. Mostly ransomware target your PC through spam email comes with malicious attachments. Thus in order to protect your PC from Ransomware we strongly urge you avoid opening the spam email attachments. Additionally, don't click on suspicious ads, links as well as avoid visits to infected websites like porn sites or torrents. Moreover, you should therefore keep all Microsoft Office applications up to date as well as the installed Anti-Virus.

Computer is today's the integral part of our daily life but also we can't deny the fact that Virus, Spyware or say malware is biggest threats to them. At regular basis security researchers discovered some malicious program. Among them some have low impacts while some others have a bigger impacts like we have seen in case of WannaCry Ransomware. Cyber hackers never miss an opportunity to target your computer and in order to fulfill their bad wishes they does all wrong. Recently, malware researchers detected, and HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic named malicious program which too have a great impact on the victims. is Potentially Unwanted Program that penetrates inside the PC silently and does all wrong things especially browsing related. With the aim to annoy user and earn profit online in illegal manner cyber criminals created this nasty program. After coming inisde the PC, it changes the homepage and search webpage after which continuous redirection with regularly appearing ads irritates you. poses same characteristics which classified as browser hijacker and main intention is to ruin down browsing performance and earn profit through victims via redirecting them to its sponsored contents. While browsing it display various attractive offers, ads that are luring but clicking onto them may leads some other malicious program inside the PC.


Talking about HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic then it's a little bit different from the others two. It's a Trojan virus that mess up with the computer important settings. Creates lots of malicious registry entries as well as play with security settings. It may turn off firewalls and disable Anti-virus and helps other computer threats to gets inside PC.

Manual Step to Remove Malware From PC

From Safe Mode:-

  • Click on Start menu >> Select Restart button.
  • Press F8 button while OS start booting.
  • Here you will see Advance boot menu.
  • Select Safe Mode With Networking Option.
  • Now press Enter button.

From Task Manager:-

  • Press ALT+Ctrl+Del buttons altogether.
  • Choose Windows Task manager option.
  • Select the malicious process.
  • Click on End Task button.

From Windows Registry:-

  • Press Win + R keys altogether to open the Run window.
  • Type regedit >> Click OK.
  • Find and delete malware related registry files.

From Control panel:-

  • Go the Start menu >> Select Control Panel.
  • Click on Add or Remove Programs option.
  • Search and delete unwanted program from there.


Hope following the way you have successfully get rid of malware like, and HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic or some other.