Fix Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error - Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error Fix

Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot

Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot

2 Step Fix Blue Screen Error

1.Download driver software update

2.Download Registry Repair Tool


Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot Error



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Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot Error

Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot Error

While using windows 7 system, users may come across the Windows 7 black screen on boot, which in other words could be called as a situation in which nothing could be visualized on the system; neither any processing could be done. The system becomes almost unresponsive. Although the error message shown at that time, is actually meant for describing the issue & how it would be fixed, user hardly find the details useful as the message contained information is described technically & is beyond the understanding of common users. Numbers of instances are there in which the error may be received & so is the associated issue as such in some of the cases just restarting the system would resolve the error occurred.

As an easy way out to overcome the problem, it is suggested starting system in safe mode, this will let you have access to system & also help find & rectify issue with hardware & software components. This ultimately would help fix windows 7 black screen on boot.

What causes Windows 7 Black screen on boot?

The most obvious causes behind Windows Blue screen error include –

  • Corrupt or improperly working device driver, hardware or software programs
  • Corrupt registry database, presence of invalid, junk & unused entries
  • Virus & spyware infection & caused damages

This may result into serious problems like PC crash if not fixed immediately post the problem is observed. This puts pause to system functionality; the programs as well as critical system utilities are locked as well & cannot function as usual.


How to fix Windows 7 Black screen on bootup?

Following section describes the steps to be implemented to resolve problems with windows 7 bootup efficiently -

  1. Updating the driver of the system which are outdated, incompatible or which is corrupt & not working properly. Though the task could manually be done, it quite cumbersome & much of skills is required to find out underlying issue for according action to be taken. It is therefore suggested to make use of automatic update tool; you can download driver update software to fix driver caused error efficiently.
  2. Registry is responsible for processing all information processed in the system, right from its loading till it is shut down. So, the registry has to work properly in all cases, such that all tasks could be performed as desired. If the registry gets occupied with corrupt & invalid entries it functioning ability is devoid, so repairing it is necessary. As manual process to do so is risky & tedious, it is preferable to use advanced registry repair software, to scan & fix registry errors. Download registry repair software now to resolve boot up problems.

If the error continues to take place, even after the above fix has been applied, it might be that some spyware programs have infected the system and this would not allow programs to load & work. For the system to work properly once again, system scanning with efficient spyware removal tool is required. So, download anti-spyware software now to scan system for infection & remove those off completely.

SO, make use of required application & get rid of Blue screen error in almost instants & secure your system data.


Technician assistance to fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot error

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Fix Windows 7 Black screen on boot Error

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For fixing these errors you need an efficient application as download registry repair tool. For fixing, the driver issues go for download driver software.


If our suggestions helped you to fix the physical memory dump then share your experience with us.

Henrysays 4 days ago
Past some days my system speed has reduced drastically & day before I failed to start it, when doing so only black screen was shown & nothing worked. I tried to get past of it by restarting the system several times. However this was not the end of my problem. The system restarted only after I repaired registry by starting in safe mode with the help of registry repair software.
Peter says 3 days ago
On repairing registry with this registry repair tool, my system occurring blue screen error problem was solved. I could now work easily & quite quickly. Thanks for that.
David says 2 days ago
Thanks for the very efficient anti-spyware software, it solved my system blue screen error as well as made it work more efficiently. It was quite unbelievable but true I could now work without any trouble.
Lacy says yesterday
Without the driver update software I would not have been able to update my system used device drivers. They were many in numbers & deciding for the required update was not easy as well. Your software made my work easy.


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